Sculpture Saint John

All text and photos by Alexandra Moore

I visited the opening of the sculpture symposium and saw the beginnings of sculptures that are yet to be made. These stones are hand picked by the artists from the Hampstead Quarry and is fine-grained grey or pink granite. The reason for my visit was to watch the artists preform and to attend the official 'kick-off'!

On the day of the opening I saw this piece being worked on, and its by Agnessa Petrova.

Deputy Mayor Shelley Rinehart was first to speak and she was introducing the event.

Minister Trevor Holder was the second speaker.

Georgie Day spoke after Minister Holder.

Mel Norton, Saint John's mayor spoke last, giving a great speech about Saint John and supporting the arts.

I also visited again on Monday, August 13th to see what progress was made.

I was surprised at how much the artists had complete as I thought that the process of making a sculpture would take years.

An intern for Jhon Gogaberishvili

Jhon Gogaberishvili

James Boyd

If you haven't had a chance to check out the sculptures I would recommend you do so.

It truly is a wonderful opportunity to see world class sculptors here in our city.

For more information on this please visit:

You can visit everyday from 10:00 a.m to 6:00 pm – and the best part – its' FREE!

Thank you for reading.

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