Learning How to Make Spanish Paella – Uptown

Last week a group of our residents from Harbourfront Residences at Three Sisters Inc.got together at Urban Delifor a private cooking class which focused onthe wonderful diversity of paella.

This Spanish dish (which originated from Valencia) can be prepared in many different ways. We focused on preparing two dishes – seafood and chicken.

To lead our class, we hadculinary enthusiasts Bob McVicarand Jenny Menton.

The table was set and a wine representative from Franklin Importswas on-site for a personal wine pairing.

The ingredients were set out.

Everyone put on their aprons and they were ready to learn.

Bob and Jenny took some time to explain the history behind the dish they were about to prepare.

They informed everyone that traditional paella is prepared outdoors by men over an open fire. They fuel the fire with orange and pine branches. This creates an aromatic smoke that infuses the dish. The meal is then eaten directly out of the pan.

We took a different approach. Our meal was cooked over the stove minus the smoking effect and everyoneparticipatedin preparing it.

It didn't take long before the paella was made and everyone was ready to eat.

This was another great community event. Everyone had a great time and there were enough left overs to take home.

The recipe has been attached if you would like to try making this dish at home or with a group.

Harbourfront's Paella Recipe.pdf

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