Heartbreak Boutique: It's a smashing hit!

All text and photos by Alexandra Moore (@USJFIfteen)

On Tuesday, July 17th, I visited a cute store called Heartbreak Boutique. (@heartbreaknb) The store is owned by Pamela Wheaton, and is located at 80 Princess Street. Pamela made the 550 sq ft space into a beautifully designed store. The boutique includes styles like rockabilly and pin-up, combined with roller derby.

(overveiw of the boutique)

I tried on many things in this store, here are a few of my favorites:

(Myself, trying on a plaided romper, and wearing Pam's original skates)

(Love this dress! I bought it!)


Opening June first, the space has had a lot of business since it's the only store of it's kind around. If you wanted to buy any sort of clothing of that style, you'd have to go to a bigger city or shop online for it.

(Jewelry, made locally – left by Darling Dilemma)

The store also had some interesting artwork…

This boutique has everything from women's clothing, mens, and children. It even has shower curtains, knee socks, and handbags! I hope to see this boutique thrive! I personally love the style and plan on visiting the store often.

(Men's clothing)

(Kid's clothing!)

Pamela Wheaton, a roller dirby girl herself, wanted to bring the styles to Saint John, and hopes to eventually have her own clothing line.

(Pamela Wheaton, outside the boutique!)

I absolutely love this boutique!

Photos and text by Alexandra Moore (except for pictures of me – those are taken by Judith Mackin)

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