New KICKSTART YOUR BUSINESS Program Will Help Entrepreneurs Successfully Launch New Businesses!

Enterprise Saint John is now accepting applications for its brand new Kickstart Your Business Program, designed to support a small group of local entrepreneurs as they kick start their idea or business into a successful launch.

Enterprise Saint John currently offers entrepreneurs assistance in the start-up phase of their business through free one-on-one business counselling, by helping develop business plans, and in providing access to financing. It works with 800 clients a year and helps launch between 25 and 50 new businesses annually.

In working with new business start-ups Enterprise Saint John recognized the need for additional intensive support for entrepreneurs throughout the launch of their business. From this recognition came the design for Kickstart Your Business.

The launch phase of a business can be pretty daunting, said Janet Scott, Manager Business Development. All of a sudden the business owner becomes the CEO, Marketer, Accountant, Sales team and the chief Janitor. Through our Kickstart Your Business Program we want to provide an opportunity for a less stressful launch where entrepreneurs feel supported by their peers, can share challenges and opportunities, and learn as they operate the business.

Another goal of the Kickstart Your Business Program is to ensure businesses are still around in 5 years the pinnacle milestone for most businesses. Only 51% of small businesses survive 5 years and the program is designed to increase the odds that entrepreneurs will reach this point. The program will offer training, support, guidance, and will encourage entrepreneurs to establish a strong network of advisors to help ensure continued success.

Program participants will meet for two and a half hours biweekly for six months and also participate in a one-day retreat. Meetings will have various components including guest speakers, group discussion, business updates and a learning module. Participants will also be supported by a group of professional advisors who will be available to offer advice and encouragement.

The program will start on September 26th, 2012 and costs $250 to participate. The deadline to apply is August 17th, 2012. Interested entrepreneurs can get more information and register for the program at

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