Recap – Busker's Festival, 2012!

All photos and text by Alexandra Moore

My day at the Buskers Festival was filled with loud music, amazing food, and great entertainment. I saw several of the numerous acts which performed on Saturday, including Ernest the Magnifico, B-radical Balloons, Mr. Toons, The Sneakers, and Masaji Terasawa.

(me already bent out of shape, in the fun house mirrors)

I arrived at the Festival at around 11 in the morning, and Ernest the Magnifico was mid-act on Loyalist Plaza. He engaged the audience as much as possible, making them all raise their hands and even hand him his pogo stick.

After I watched Ernests act, I visited Alison Gayton throwing pots on her wheel. (Salon's editor Mike Landry and his partner, Jacqueline Collomb is among those looking on)

Nearby was Dragonfly Designs Henna creating a beautiful henna pattern on a willing woman.

This is the husband and wife musical/dance group, featuring bellydancer, Nawal and Cliff Doucette, performing with the rest of their band. Nawal was so talented, and looked absolutely stunning! I also guessed they were a couple before making sure, they had the same cheetah print tattoo.

While eating lunch at Grannans Seafood restaurant, I noticed a crowd around a small booth. I went in for a closer look, and discovered an interesting craft. The Waxmen were making wax figures of hands, and then decorating them with neat colors.I wanted to get one of mine done, but I'd given the rest of my money away to Ernest!

At the end of the boardwalk there was the Tsunami Splash Waterslide. I went in for close shots, getting soaked by the kids landing in the water. Great fun! I wish I was that age again, I would've loved to slip into my bathing suit and go down the slide without being stared at!

Masaji Terasawa (The Candyman) arrived with his booth just as I was finishing my meal. I went over to investigate and found him dancing around inside a crowd of people, blowing what looked like glass in his palm. I later found out that it was candy!

When I first arrived at the Festival we ran into the Java Moose mascot, and we got a coupon sticker for a discount! After the day was over I walked over to Java Moose for a snack and purchased a delicious iced hot chocolate, using mydiscount.

On Tuesday I will be visiting a new clothing store called 'Heartbreak Boutique'. Follow me on Twitter to catch that blog and others coming up this summer! Thanks so much for reading! My twitter:@USJFifteen

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