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Hi, my name is Alexandra Moore and I am 15 years old. I live in Fredericton with my mother but I am spending the summer in Saint John with my dad. I am volunteering for Uptown Saint John, and my job is to capture the city through the lens of a teenager. I enjoy Saint John and the city environment. I love photography and Ive been doing it for most of my life. I usually photograph landscapes or people, and Saint John is the perfect city for both. The ocean makes for beautiful pictures and there are people everywhere. For updates this summer please follow me on Twitter: @USJFifteen

Canada Day, 2012. Today was the celebration of the 145th birthday of our country. There were many celebratory events that included band performances, bouncy castles, an outdoor flea market, and of course the breath-taking fireworks.

I had walked from the south end to market square, and the closer I got the harder it was to walk. There were people everywhere!

For the outdoor flea market, people were setting up their own tables all throughout the afternoon. Stores had set up kiosks to advertise their merchandise, and the community set up their goods. I saw food, clothing, toys, books, old records, and even coins.

King street was smothered in people for almost the whole day, these two got a chance to sit and chat.

This is one of the two bouncy castles I saw. They were each up for a few hours but kids were screaming, crying and laughing the whole time.

Cotton candy for sale on King Street!

This would have to be my favorite picture of the afternoon. Inside the mall, the Kool-Aid man was ready for his close up.

The atrium at Market Square was just as packed as the streets, and it was just as exciting.

Half way through the afternoon I stopped at Tim Hortons for my own Canada Day snack.

There were tourists taking pictures beside the Hooper statues.

I listened to a lovely song by Katie and I while eating and waiting for my friends to arrive!

Crowds on the boardwalk gathering for Canada Day celebrations.

On the stage in the atrium at Market Square there was an upbeat performance from KidSong, and kids gathered in front of the stage to watch and did a great job clapping!

I stopped to watch an amazing performance from the Green Bank Trio.


And at the end of the night, I settled down with my family on our rooftop for a small get-together and even met the mayor!

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