Uptown Saint John welcomes The Yoga Co-op . 87 Germain Street

Jill Roach and Sarah Johnson Power welcome you to come check out their new yoga studio, opening today, June 20, at 87 Germain Street (2nd Floor, on the right)

The doors will be open for you to stop by at 4pm, and you are welcome to join in a vinyasa class today which begins at 5:30pm.

The yoga class current schedule:

Monday: Yin Yang Yoga with Jill
Tuesday: Yoga for all with Sarah
Wednesday: Vinyasa Flow with Sarah
Thursday: Yin Yoga with Jill

If you are an pro yogi, or if you are new and interested in enriching and revitalizing your life, this studio is conveniently located uptown, with an opportune after work class at 5:30.

Stop in to welcome these lovely ladies uptown, and see how the Yoga Co-op will add a wonderful energy and balance to your life.

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Phone 651.8757
or stop in to see the Yoga Co-Op in person at 87 Germain Street

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