Meeting For The Restoration of Partridge Island

Partridge Island, an unprotected national and provincial historic site, sits at the entrance to Saint John harbour. Partridge Island has a long and fascinating past. It was established as one of North Americas first quarantine stations in 1785; the site of our principal military post from 1791 until 1947, with documented sightings of German U-boats in World War II; the worlds first steam operated fog alarm was built and used on the island in 1859, and lighthouses on the island were manned for 198 years from 1791 until 1989. For many years it was a quarantine station for immigrants, passengers and mariners arriving at Saint John. At the peak of local Irish immigration, 1845 to 1847, up to 2,500 people were quarantined at a time with typhus fever.

Partridge Island is a vital and neglected treasure which sits in the Saint John harbour. One cannot even begin to imagine what this rich piece of history would do for our city on a global scale. The Facebook group entitled The Restoration of Partridge Island has received great reception over the past couple of years. The group now has over 800 members. As a result of the group, there was a first official meeting held two years ago which had a great turnout. Saint John Waterfront Development was present and talked about their plans and vision for the island. Many Saint John citizens attended and were eager and excited to learn about the possible future for the island.

On Tuesday, June 19 at the New Brunswick Museum starting at 6:00 p.m there is going to be the second official meeting. Once again, Saint John Waterfront Development will be present for the event to discuss progress in their plans for the island. The meeting is open to the public and refreshments will be served. Come join us for this exciting event and learn more about the mystery and magic of Partridge Island which has captivated Saint John citizens, generation after generation.

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