Cork Me . happinez wine bar

A sure sign of summer is the installation of hapito, the happinez wine bar patio. This is a hot spot uptown and a wonderful place to enjoy a beautiful uptown sunset on Princess Street with a few friends and a nice glass of your favourite vino.

This year during set up of hapito, an unexpected mishap occurred, and a section of the beautiful, custom designed glass decking was broken. To not stall the usage of the deck while waiting for repairs, some quick and creative thinking resulted in 'Cork Me.' This fun slap painted wood with random holes is definately eye-catching. Peter Smit, owner of happinez is noticing the attention this 'mistake turned fun' is getting. He invites those who purchase a bottle to slip their cork in and we will all watch the design evolve. There might even be a surprise for someone picking a lucky cork placement.
Peter Smit explains the fun concept of 'Cork Me' to the ladies.

And their cork is in. Be sure to Cork the board the next time you get a bottle at happinez!

Thanks happinez, for seeing misfortune as opportunity, and keeping the fun and creative uptown.

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