A New Look for Je Suis Prest

After three great years in Brunswick Square, it was time for a spruce up at Je Suis Prest!

Weve traveled near and far checking out the coolest spots for dcor inspiration. And after much research and a lot of shopping, weve created a space that is comfortable, trendy, cozy and unique to keep in line with the products we sell! Weve upgraded the lighting to create a warmer feel, painted the walls, added more dcor and gone for an urban rustic look on our interior.
Weve added a more rustic feel to our exterior as well! There are wooden beams that frame our store and allowed us to stand out in the mall. The store features a line that is great for both men and women, so we wanted to make sure men felt comfortable in the store as well! Weve also upgraded our logo to better reflect our store.
Je Suis Prest is the Fraser clan motto, featured on our coat of arms with a stag. Weve included a silhouette of a deer head on our logo to bring it all together. Weve moved away from the boutique chic feel and headed towards a more modern, urban look to keep up with our ever changing city!
Hope you love it as much as we do!

Find Je Suis Prest online at jesuisprest.com
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Find Je Suis Prest in person on the 2nd Level of Brunswick Square, 39 King Street

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