Let's Get Creative and Origin8 . A Lead Up to The Originals, Saint John Arts Awards on May 31

As we gear up for the gala event, The Originals, on May 31st, excitement is mounting. We would like to turn some of this energy into a shared collaboration appreciating and highlighting the prime artistic talent we have here in Saint John.

We are inviting everyone to participate in 'Origin8,' an 8-day do-it-yourself mini-festival leading up to the grand event at the end of the month. Put on your creative thinking cap and help spotlight The Originals, Saint John Arts Awards, and all involved.

Below are 8 ideas to help you get started:

Restaurants: Why not create a special event plate or daily original specials?

Store fronts and local businesses: Why not celebrate one of the categories?

Bands: How about a new tune?

Bars & Promoters: How about hosting a Friday night pre-festivity event?

Galleries: Why not curate an exhibition of visual art finalists?

Theatre enthusiasts: Two words: flash mob!

Artists: A special installation?

Social Media-istas/-isters: Time to get wordy or change your icons?

Share the spotlight: If you are located uptown, Uptown Saint John would like to highlight what you are doing, so please bring it to our attention and we will show you off! (contact Uptown Saint John at 633.8628 or tracy@uptownsj.com. Feel free to download a hi-res logo from the information page, or facebook page.

One thing we do ask for obvious reasons is that you dont hold any event on the evening of the Originals 2012 gala. (May 31st 2012). Instead, get your ticket and come out to enjoy the event. Find more information on the event HERE.

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