Liquid Gold Tasting Bar and All Things Olive . 80 Prince William Street . NOW OPEN

Welcome to Saint Johns first extra virgin olive oil & balsamic tasting bar.

– Fresh, authentic extra virgin olive oils from around the world.
– Sweet, authentic balsamic vinegars & condimento from Modena, Italy.
– Taste them all! Well bottle your choice on-site.

Liquid Golds olives are harvested with tremendous care from groves in olive growing regions all over the world. They are crushed within 6 hours.

In our spring and summer, oils come from the northern hemisphere mostly the Mediterranean and California. In fall and winter, our oils come from the southern hemisphere – countries like Argentina, Chile, and Australia.

The balsamics come from Modena the home of both consortium balsamic vinegars and balsamic condimento from authentic Trebbianno and Lambrusco grapes.

Liquid Golds oils and balsamics are all nut, gluten and dairy-free. They are the perfect food a fresh, natural alternative to industrial dressings, marinades, sauces and cooking oils.

Liquid Gold is located at 80 Prince William Street.


June (right) from Saint John, and Amy (left) from the PEI location, welcome you to Liquid Gold.

Take some home..

..and some extras!

Be sure to look for Liquid Gold at the 2012 Fundy Food Festival

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