Retail and Service advice from Barbara World: Customers Will Pay More (If You Treat Them Well)

Customers Will Pay More (If You Treat Them Well)

I saw this statistic the other day and found it very interesting

— 68% of consumers say they will pay more for a product/service if they feel like they are getting a better customer service experience. – Harris Interactive, Consumer Experience Impact Report, 2011

This is interesting for several reasons, here are three:

1) Many times we think that we need to drop our price or price match a competitor to get a customer's business. This just isn't true. Dropping a price (or even quoting a price too quickly) is a cop out. What we should focus on is providing the best customer service experience possible.

2) Customers will pay more money for something ON PURPOSE if the customer service is excellent. They will seek out businesses that provide legendary customer service knowing that they will end up paying more money. Think about this. Customers want to pay more money if they feel they are being treated well. Let me say that again: customers are seeking to pay more money, if (and this is a big 'if') they feel they are being treated well.

3) Customer service is THE most important part of your business. Many businesses spend a lot of money worrying about their product quality or their advertising or their building or their systems and resources. And all that's great . . . except . . . those are not the most important things to your customer. Customer service is the most important thing to your customer. People want to be treated well. They want a 'human' interaction. The quality of this interaction is more important than your facility, than your price and even than your quality.

The Customer Service Experience is KING!

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” — Sir Winston Churchill

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