Union Street Partially Closed for Improvements

Portions of Union Street from the St. Patrick Street and Wellington Row intersections will be closed for street improvements which include new water mains, storm and sanitary sewers, underground electrical, new sidewalks and lighting. However, at no time will this entire section be completely closed as the project will be completed over four phases. The first phase is the Germain / Wellington Row intersection, followed by St. Patrick Street to Chipman Hill in the second phase. Nearing the end of July the Hazen Avenue and Chipman Hill intersection will be worked on and the final phase will be the Chipman Hill intersection to the Brunswick Square parking garage entrance and then the Brunswick Square parking garage entrance to Wellington and Germain Streets. The final phase is expected to be complete by September 23rd.

During this time he uptown will still be accessible by the viaduct and exits 122 and 123 off the harbour bridge. From the east, you can also take Crown Street onto the Lower Cove Loop. The Saint John Parking Commission has expanded capacity and is providing a rush hour shuttle to an additional lot on Crown Street.

For more information, see the city of Saint John website.

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