This is Yvon's story…..

The Learning Exchange did change my life. I am a 48 year old male with an 8th grade education. Before I decided to go back to school I always had a hard time to find a good paying job.

When I was younger I did have a chance to go and finish my grade 12. It was at the tech in Moncton N.B. I got there the first day and they gave me some books, and I was on my own with no help from the teacher. At the Learning Exchange the teachers are willing to work with you one on one.

Now I do have hope. Im not lazy or anything like that because Ive been in the work force for 30 years or so, I started working as a baker and went on to become a truck driver and to be a painter, but those jobs were not my dream.

My dream job would be working in addiction services, because I know first hand what an addict is going through. I think it is a job for me.

So with the patience of my teacher and myself I hope to write my G.E.D. within two years and then go to college for two more years to have my dream job.

Without the help of the Learning Exchange that would be only a vision.

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