This is Mark's story…..

I took an important step to increase my knowledge on the nine Essential Skills required for success in todays workplace. The TIES 2 Work Program did just that. This twelve week program taught me how to work as a TEAM, a team that was happy and productive. The program also provided me the knowledge to interact with various age groups, personalities, and cultures. It also helped me know what my levels were in the Essential Skills and bring them to what was required for my job placement. The program is designed in a way that a Grade 12 or GED was NOT REQUIRED, rather, the skill level to gain suitable employment.

Another aspect of the TIES 2 Work Program I noticed was how they partnered with the many employers in this great city. This demonstrated how the program went the extra mile to assist the clients in succeeding in a job we all deserve. At the same time helping the employers find the employee that has the job skills required to do the job. The end result, everyone benefits from this wonderful program.

My life has changed dramatically after attending the TIES 2 Work Program. I am employed and doing a job I enjoy. I realized that you are never too old to learn new things or start a new life, one that is rewarding in all aspects. I am proud of who I am. It showed me that by learning the Essential Skills and being willing to work hard in class you can succeed in todays highly competitive job market. I THANK all those involved for the opportunity and the chance to succeed. Now the rest is up to me!

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