Hodo Cookies & Chocolate Shop

A new taste has recently been added to our Saint John City Market, in the form of a Hodo Cookie. This walnut shaped special treat resembles a donut hole and has a delicious soft centre.

Abraham & Sarah Kim brought a unique mechanized cookie machine from South Korea and opened their new store, Hodo Cookies & Chocolate Shop in the City Market. Customers can watch the cookies being made as the machine can pop out lots of Hodo cookies per hour when needed. (The centre can be filled with different tasty pastes.)

The Kims are excited to invite customers to visit their shop and try the new Hodo Cookies (Actually it is a very nutritious and sensational taste). For lovers of chocolate, other New Brunswick-made treats are available, like the Chocolate River Candy Company products, Ganong Chocolates and exquisite handmade truffles from Fackleman's Chocolatiers in Fredericton.

The Kims invite you to their Grand Opening Feb. 11th. There will be delicious treats and lots of fun for all.

The Kims are also looking for a slogan for their store. A contest is being held for customers to submit their ideas and have a chance to win a Goody Basket valued at $50.00 if their idea is chosen.

The Hodo Cookies & Chocolate shop is located in the Saint John City Market between Linja Gifts and Olivier!

Abraham & Sarah Kim
Saint John City Market

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