This is Vic's Story…….

???The Learning Exchange has changed my life in many ways. The program has allowed me to believe in myself and prompted me to try and successfully pass my G.E.D. The course has also given me the courage and confidence to talk to people about a grade 12 certificate. Since I have been coming to classes I have realized that there are possibilities.

Before coming to the Saint John Learning Exchange I was on a dead-end road. I did not believe in myself and was not motivated. Since I have been here I have the mind set that I can conquer my G.E.D. This new journey has also presented me with opportunities to express the importance of a high school diploma. I had multiple chances to talk to friends about this great experience, and now have a neighbor that is interested in taking the same step.

From the first day I arrived, a window has been open to endless possibilities that I can now see that I could not see before. A mechanics course is one of the possibilities after I successfully pass my General Education Diploma. There will be further avenues once I pass my automotive course. I have gone from one extreme to another. One time I was on a track with no value. Knowing I can successfully achieve my grade 12 I can now hold my head high, knowing this is a step in the right direction.

Thanks to the Saint John Learning Exchange I can now broaden my horizon at which one time was in the shadows of everyday life.

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