Congratulations to Bobby Hayes, our National Champion of Change!

If you know Bobby Hayes,you know exactly where his heart is…it's with the kids. You cannot talk to him without hearing a funny story squeezed in between smiles and chuckles; him beaming with his genuine appreciation for their happiness. But there are also too many sad and horrific stories, which make him and The Joshua Group such a valuable part of our community. You also can't bump into him on the street without him having two…three…maybe more kids in tow. He lives his life to make these kids secure and happy and gives hope to many who may not have it otherwise.

Bobby was recently awarded the much deserved distinction of being the Nation's Champion of Change, and along with that honour, $25,000 to go to The Joshua Group. The Joshua Group, an organization started by Bobby and with a great group of faithful volunteers to help him out, assists at risk and needy children in the area…whether it is feeding and clothing them, or taking them out to a hockey game, basketball game, sliding, fishing, or a hike in the woods. Bobby gives these kids a security some have never known and unconditional care, shaping them for a future filled with potential.

So, we salute Bobby and congratulate him on this recent well deserved honour. To find out more about the Champion of Change competion and Bobbys efforts, please follow this link: Champion of Change.
To find out more about The Joshua Group: The Joshua Group On Facebook: The Joshua Group on FB

Some pictures from the exciting final show in Toronto and winning presentations:
Bobby and Margaret Trudeau, one of the judges

Bobby and Bob Davisson (International winner) and Mark Kelly (host of the CBC show)

Bobby, Margaret Trudeau (judge), and Dianna MacEachern (Joshua Group Volunteer, and nominated Bobby)

Jacob Yeomans and Robin Fanjoy, who accompanied Bobby to this special show.

Thanks to Dianna MacEachern for sharing these wonderful photos with us.

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