This is Sarah's story…..

The Learning Exchange is very dedicated to teaching adults. I tell you this because I am one of those students who just keep coming back eager to learn. I never used to like school and the whole learning stuff until I discovered the Learning Exchange. I have changed in so many positive ways. I am pleased with myself, and of course very pleased I chose the Learning Exchange to be my teacher.

I never liked school. I never liked the classroom style. I was always confused. I got extra help which made it easier for me but also knew that extra help would not always constantly be at my side, especially when twenty-three other students are in the class too. I had some complications with my health. I missed half a year of school which led me to a lot more confusion when I returned, so I never got caught up to speed. Since I failed tenth grade for the second time, I left school. I gave myself some time to think. I searched for a program that suited my needs and sure enough I found the Learning Exchange and started to pick up all the pieces.

I came to the Learning Exchange everyday knowing that I was going to learn something new, but also knowing I was going to need some help doing so. The teaching staff had been so helpful to me. They make it so the program suits my learning capacity. They put a lot of dedication into teaching me and others. I am certain we are all very thankful for having them guide us.

I came home one day to my boyfriend looking confused at my positive mood. He asked me, Why? I told him, I learned so much today at school and that I am very pleased with myself. Its not that I learned so much it is just the fact of retaining it all and actually have it stick in my head. My mood has changed so much from attending the Learning Exchange that I now have better eating habits, I am sleeping better, and exercising. I am becoming the person I always wanted to be.

Thanks to the Learning Exchange I have some self-accomplishment. I know I have so many opportunities ahead of me. I know my learning style, so I will apply it to my future. Next step is college!

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