Learner Stories – Melissa's Story

Over the next few weeks we wanted to profile some of the many learners who have gone through our doors. Here is Melissa's story:

I am a 30 year old, single parent of two children. After I graduated from High School, I attended the Saint John Learning Exchange to prepare for employment. I then realized that there was much more to the Learning Exchange. It wasn't just for people that didn't have education; there was a little something for everybody. A few months ago I came back to the Learning Exchange because it was very hard to find a job that offered good pay and benefits. When I heard that they could help me find the type of work I was looking for, I signed up. I've struggled for years trying to make ends meet every month. I managed to survive, on a very tight budget, with the money I brought in every month. I had no car which meant I packed my children up and took the bus everywhere, thats if I could catch it on time. Once I started the program, I realized that it was the beginning of a new start. This brought changes, and new challenges to overcome. My children didn't like the idea of me going back to school or work so the change was not easy for them. I knew that this wasn't going to be a smooth ride. Well, Ive been working now for 5 months, I love it! Great people to work for. I am writing this for everyone to know that the TIES 2 Work Program, offered through the Learning Exchange, is not just for people that don't have a GED, its for people who want to gain the Essential Skills so they can succeed on the job and in life.

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