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Garth Drake is a pioneer in 3D Animation who is now teaching and working from the Atlantica Centre for the Arts in a repurposed industrial warehouse just off of Crown Street in the citys uptown. After working on top rated television shows, best selling video games and feature films Garth is sharing his nearly 20 years of production experience with the next generation of leaders in the field. He also leads a team that delivers high end animated multimedia for corporate clients throughout the region. You can see examples of his work at Harbour Station during SeaDogs games, on Youtube and international television.

Where were you born?

A hospital room in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Do you have any formal training?

Yesoh, I graduated from Valencia Collegein Florida. I studied Fine Arts in Graphic Design, then I majored in Sociology at Dal and then I went to the Vancouver Film School and studied 3D Animation.

If you already were working in Graphic Design why did you study 3D?

I had to; it was the most exciting thing in the world to me at the time. Reboot was a brand new show on TV and no one had seen anything like it before. I was hooked, after I saw 3D animation graphic design was boring.

What was your first project?

I was hired right out of school by Mainframe Entertainment to work on season 3 of Reboot.

What was your favorite project?

Animating on Shadow Raiders in 1998, it was another #1 show from Mainframe. It had great characters, they were really fun to animate.

Where do you work now? How long have you been there?

I have the best job in the world. I direct the 3D Animation program at the Atlantica Centre for the Arts. We designed the program from the ground up and I get to develop these students into walking, talking industry pros. Ive been there about 2 years.

Is it important for the school to be Uptown?

I think so. Saint John is big enough to support a premiere Multimedia and Entertainment Institute and being uptown puts our students in the middle of where the action is. There is so much art going on Uptown, its really inspiring.

One of the first projects I send them on is to walk around the uptown and find an interesting building to model in 3D. We donated Imperial Theatre and the Saint John Arts Centre framed prints to Ovation for the Arts.

Also it puts us close to a lot of our clients.

Are you reading any books?

Siddharta by Herman Hesse, I just finished it for the 90th time.

Favourite Quotes?

The man who has no imagination stands onthe Earth, he has no wings. Muhammad Ali, every Ali quote is my favorite quote.

Any pets?

A Beagle named Snoopy.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Creative, Determined and Resourceful

Find out more about Garth and his talents:!/atlanticacentre

Twitter: AtlanticaCTR

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