Why Do Good? Because you can…

Lets put the Abundance Principle in full motion here. Abundance is an energy that circulates in the world, and the more you send out, the more you will see come back to you. Good things always happen to people who do good things. — Robin Sharma

There is a new site available to everyone from Saint John, NB that I hope will create a movement of doing good. I recently wrote a post on “The Saint John Business Community Doing Good” and the benefits it can have in your life and your community.

There are already a number of fantastic resources that support this in our community and we are really excited to be working with some of them with Do Good Today.

The site has been built to be simple and easy to use. We know everyone has busy lives these days so we wanted to make it very easy to get started on doing good! All you need to do is visit the site, login with any of the accounts listed (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) and fill the blank in to the following sentence:

Today, I'm doing good instead of ____________________.

We have big dreams of hopefully getting a lot of people using the site, so please share your do good story as much as possible. I really believe every little bit of good helps the World, even if we realize it or not! And remember, charity starts at home.

I truly believe all of us can make a huge difference in our community. Whether you donate cash or time, we all can do it.

Why Do Good? Because you can…

To the businesses out there, if you think you can assist in helping with Do Good Today, please let us know. Lets give everyone in your business the opportunity to do good.

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