The Black Dog boutique . 24 Germain Street

OPENING . Thursday . November 18 . 24 Germain Street (Beside Relish)

The Black Dog Boutique

This is me. This is Oliver, my inspiration.
Oliver, I cherish.
Fashion, I applaud.
Music, I adore.
Freedom, Big fan.

And so The Black Dog boutique represents this and so very much more for me.
All favorites, all good in one quaint, humble space.
Daring and Rogue.

I have created a new reality,
a space, filled with ideas, dreams,…passion.
May The Black Dog boutique, this moment in time,
represent a special space for you too…
May this “Black Dog“ awaken your senses, lift your spirit, and spark a Wish within you.

The Black Dog boutique will carry EcoChic fashions from NYC and San Francisico as well as fashion`s heavy hitters from Montreal and Toronto. All goods crafted with care in North America. Also showcasing fashion for our furry friends:). Equipped with bandanas for our beloveds, crafted in Gondola Point, with Love.

We welcome The Black Dog boutique to the uptown and look forward to the touch of cosmo and urban chic they will bring through this unique and original shoppe.

Visit The Black Dog boutique on the web.

Also visit The Black Dog boutique during our Uptown Sparkles Horse Drawn Trolley Ride, welcome them to the uptown and be the first to experience the splendor!

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