Chop Chop Menu Sampling…

Here is just a sample of the delicious chop chop offerings this week…

Billy's Seafood Company

49-51 Charlotte Street


2 Course Chop Chop Lunch $12
Chowder or salad as course 1
Blackened salmon with pesto cream cheese linguine as course 2

3 Course Chop Chop Dinner $30
Chowder or salad as course 1
Maple curry shrimp and scallops on linguine as course 2 chocolate brownie or peach melba as course 3

Bourbon Quarter/Magnolia Cafe

112 Prince William Street


Chop Chop Plate $10
Cured salmon and dill roulades

2 Course Chop Chop Lunch $12
A winter Squash Bisque followed by a broiled haddack with citrus cream sauce,truffle tossed fingerling potatoes,apple slaw

3 Course Chop Chop Dinner $30
Our main dish starts off with a pineapple and cherry glazed Australian Lamb for an appetizer,then Angus Beef Wellington,herbed whipped potatoes,shiitake mushrooms, smoked peeppercorn sauce,dessert is a trio of homemade truffles, all of this for only $30 dollars!

Chilli and Olive
201 Charlotte Street

Chop Chop Plate $10
1) Tandoori Chicken with Biryani Rice
2) Lamb Curry with Rice
3) Chicken Curry with Rice

All meals come with Salad and Pop/Juice/Water

Church Street Steakhouse

10 Grannan Street


3 Course Chop Chop Dinner $30
Pan seared Scallops Salad
Served on spring greens with, julienne vegetables and a citrus malt vinegar dressing

Lobster Stuffed Base Ball Sirloin
Served with barnaise sauce and your choice of side.

Strawberry Shortcake
With fresh mint and pine nuts

Grannan's Seafood

Market Square


2 Course Chop Chop Lunch $12
Course 1
Smoked Salmon and parmesan soup

Course 2
Pan seared fennel crusted tuna combines
with arigula salad with an orange hazelnut dressing.

3 Course Chop Chop Dinner $30
Garlic Panko breaded scallops served in a shallot cream sauce

Grilled Halibut topped with honey curried pineapple served with baby baked potatoes & sauted snow peas

Balsamic marinated strawberries & ice cream

happinez wine bar

42 Princess Street


Charcuterie and cheese plate with olives, pickles and baguette..

Mexicali Rosa's

88 Prince William Street


2 Course Chop Chop Lunch $12

Course 1
Choose one of three of our homemade soups: Chicken vegetable, Beef Barely, or Cream of Broccoli

Course 2
Fajita Stir Fry: Fresh cut vegetables with your choice of chicken or steak over top wild rice in our classic fajita spice or honey garlic

3 Course Chop Chop Dinner $30

OUTRAGEOUS Flautas: A golden flour tortilla stuffed with chicken and burrito beef
and beans served with sour cream and lime chipotle

Fajitas: Served on a sizzling skillet with Spanish onions, bell peppers, flour tortillas,
& all the fixings.

Deep Fried Cheesecake: Choose chocolate, strawberry or butterscotch for your topping

Opera Bistro

60 Prince William Street


Chop Chop Plate $10

2 Course Chop Chop Lunch $12
Varies by the day

3 Course Chop Chop Dinner $30
Potato Pancake + Smoked Salmon+ Caper Hummus
Braised Goose Leg,Dumplings,Red Cabbage,Roasted Pear + Cranberries
Apple Strudel + Vanilla Gelato

Saint John Ale House

Market Square


Chop Chop Plate $10
Farmers Hill Heritage Pork Terrine
Toasted sour dough- Mustard- Pickled Vegetables

2 Course Chop Chop Lunch $12
Cheese Burger
Local Raw Milk Cheese- Green Zebra Tomato Jam- Crispy House Made
Pancetta Bits
Root Beer Float
Root Beer – French Vanilla Ice Cream

3 Course Chop Chop Dinner $30
Fennel Salad
Fennel- Parmesan Reggiano – Mushroom – Olive Oil-Lemon
Ale Braised Lamb Shank
Pumpkin Gnocchi – Pine Nut Gremolata Tomato Jus
White Chocolate Bread Pudding

Raspberry Glass – Jameson Whiskey Caramel – White Chocolate Dust

Steamers Lobster Company

110 Water Street


Chop Chop Plate $10
Mussel Pernod

3 Course Chop Chop Dinner $30
The Shore Dinner (includes a cup of chowder, bucket of mussels, 1.25lb lobster & corn on the Cob)


33 Canterbury Street


Chop Chop Plate $10

Pulled Pork Nachos

2 Course Chop Chop Lunch $12

Curry Sampler or Chicken and Goat Cheese Sandwich

Your Choice of Starch or Soup

3 Course Chop Chop Dinner $30

Asiago Strip Loin served with Wok Seared Vegetables and your choice of Starch


Rack of Lamb Masala served with Basmatti Rice and Naan

Urban Deli

68 King Street


Theme: Italian Deli Style

2 Course Chop Chop Lunch $12
a main course with Cavatappi Pasta with a choice of a traditional bolognese sauce or a creamy pesto sauce (with sauteed portabello mushrooms, spinach & roasted red peppers). Both choices are topped with freshly grated Parmesan cheese. The first course is a minestrone soup or deli style bruschetta on Montreal Light Rye Bread.

3 Course Chop Chop Dinner for TWO for $30
each person has the same choices as above except we add a shared dessert for two as the third course…Our dessert a home-made dulce de leche meringa con gelato e cioccolato (ice-cream meringue topped with dulce de leche and chocolate sauce) dessert for sharing..

Remember, this is just a bit of the tasty out there…please also check out the other participating venues for something different this week. For more info…

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