As we count down to the Chop Chop 'Feast'ival for Foodies (Nov. 1st to 7th) will be profiling chefs at each of the participating restaurants. Today we chat with Andrew from Urban Deli…

1. Where we you born & raised?

I was born and raised in the village of Stanley, NB (just outside of Fredericton)

2. What got you interested in cooking?
What got me interested in cooking was the fact that it was always around me when I was growing up. My mother has always been a great cook, preparing home-made meals on a nightly basis and was well known for her brown bread. I would also help in the kitchen of my aunt's seniors complex.
3. What are your favourite ingredients to work with?
I like to work with ingredients which are fresh and local as much as possible. I think knowing how your food is raised or grown is important, as well as supporting our local producers.
4. Have you ever served anyone famous?

I once worked a function at the Delta Fredericton where we had the President of Mali in for the function. It was quite an experience working with the Federal Food Inspectors who were watching and taking samples of everything we prepared.

5. Can you give us a sneak peek for your menu plan for Chop Chop?

Hera at Urban Deli we are going with an Italian Deli Style menu. You will definately have to come in and check it out!

You can find Andrew and a very unique and delicious menu at Urban Deli, 68 King Street. 652.3354

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