Chop Chop Chef Profile: Fernando Bregal – Taco Pica

As we count down to the Chop Chop 'Feast'ival for Foodies (Nov. 1st to 7th) will be profiling chefs at each of the participating restaurants. Today we chat with Fernando Bregel from Taco Pica…

1. Where we you born & raised?
Guatemala City
2. What got you interested in cooking?
The desire to eat my homeland's meals.
3. What are your favourite ingredients to work with?
Garlic & Cilantro
4. Have you ever served anyone famous?

Daniel Baldwin, William Hurt, Micheal Clark Duncan (from the Green Mile), Frank McKenna, Roly McIntyre & Elizabeth Weir to name a few.
5. Can you give us a sneak peek for your menu plan for Chop Chop?
Traditional Guatemalan Finger Food

You can find Fernando and something authentic, different and very tasty at Taco Pica, 96 Germain Street. 633.8492

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