Chop Chop Chef Profile: Sebastian Matheja – The Brigantine

As we count down to the Chop Chop 'Feast'ival for Foodies (Nov. 1st to 7th) will be profiling chefs at each of the participating restaurants. In our first installment we sit down for five questions with Sebastain Matheja from The Brigantine…

1. Where we you born & raised?
I was born & raised in Pirmasens. A small city in the State of Rhineland Palatinate, Germany near the to border France with a population of 410,000 people.
2. What got you interested in cooking?
My first interest in cooking started at about 10 years old when helping my mum in kitchen with the cooking & baking. After two weeks internship in a restaurant, once at the age of the 13 and then again at age 14 I knew I wanted to do it professionally. When I graduated from school at 15 I started my 3 years apprenticeship back home in Germany. It also amazed me by that time that I could travel and work around the world in the occupation, which has allowed me to work for Hilton in cities like London, Anaheim and now Saint John.
3. What are your favourite ingredients to work with?
There are for sure plenty of ingredients I love to work with but some of my favourites are veal sweetbread, fresh figs, venison, kiwano fruit, monkfish and chanterelles.
4. Have you ever served anyone famous?

-Cooked for team members from FC Chelsea and FC Barcelona in London
-British Actor Matt Lucas in London
-Cooked at a reception for the Anaheim Ducks in Anaheim
-Kevin Love when he played for UCLA in Anaheim
-Producer Ralph Winter, private event in Los Angeles
5. Can you give us a sneak peek for your menu plan for Chop Chop?
One of the specials will be the Chop Chop plate for $10 with sliced smoked lamb rack and smoked venison loin

You can find Sebastian at The Brigantine Lounge (Hilton), One Market Square. 693.8484

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