After years of planning, dedication and hard work, the Marco Polo hull is now complete. This replica, a project undertaken by Barry Ogden, is hand crafted and finished by masters in the trade and built 1/3 the size of the original ship.

In 1851, the original Marco Polo was launched from the yard of James Smith at Marsh Creek in Saint John. Known as “The Fastest Ship In The World,” the Marco Polo made many many voyages in record time before its imminent demise in 1883. The Marco Polo, Queen of the Seas, slipped quietly beneath the waves without even one member of the crew lost. She now rests in peace, magestically and graciously, beneath the cool waters of the Gulf only 150 miles from that Marsh Creek Shipyard where she was born 32 years before.

There are many resources online of interest. This grand ship has a huge significance and tie to our great city…read more on her history and gain appreciation for this constructed replica of the deserving 'Queen of the Sea.'

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