Moon Garden is best described as a Metaphysical, Mystical and Magical Exploration shop, dealing heavily in Body, Mind and Spiritual Wellness.

3 mottos:

1. One Center, Many Paths. Moon Garden celebrates every culture, religion and orientation. (This is the slogan)

2. Pay if Forward. Moon Garden is always looking for ways to be more green, involved in social issues in the community, and offer local artist a venue to sell their art.

3. Customer Service…If they don't have it, they will find it for you!

Moon Garden carries a vast selection of products ranging from Incense, Herbs and Herbal Teas. Books, cultural art, Jewelery, eccentric decor and much, much more. New products arriving all the time. There is something for everyone at Moon Garden.

In the near future we will be offering services related to B.M.S wellness. ie; Yoga, Rieki Healing, Reading Lounge, Tarot Card Readings, Palmestry, and other services that reflect our customers needs and wants.

The store hours are:
Monday & Tuesday 10-6
Wednesday 11-7
Thursday and Friday 10-9
Saturday 11-5
Sunday 12-5.

Full address is 105 Princess Street, telephone 214-4224 and email is
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