Persons Matter

I had the absolute privilege of being a guest speaker at the China Cup Tea seniors group this afternoon.
I'm so aware, yet constantly amazed by what brilliance comes from the mouth's of seniors when you really listen. I shared information with them regarding home support. All too often we misinform our seniors, partly because of the way we communicate now, through websites and e-mails… the majority of our seniors are missing the messages.

I was approached after my speech by a 92 year old retired minister, turns out the world is a small place and he served in a congregation for 46 years … 10 minutes from where I grew up. During my speech I focused more on what really matters, beyond the business aspect, what really matters are the people. I expressed to them my passion has always been … people. So when the retired minister and I sat down for some one on one time, he expressed to me why he had the same passion for people. He shared with me the moment when he felt called to ministry. He said he had a vision, God showed him the tablet of his mind and written on that tablet was something so simple, it said “persons matter”. And in that moment he felt called to live a life that focused on that very simple but ever so important truth.

It's amazing how someone can share a story with you and have no idea of how it affects you, and how one simple story can really become an important truth in your own life. Simple as it may be, this man knows the essence of what life is about … that people matter.

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