Background Info on the Trinity Center for Business

Things have been hectic around the Trinity Center for Business lately. Lots of changes happening and we all know how time consuming that can be! I thought I should finally take the time to formally welcome the new owners, Jonathan Wilkins and Peter Stoddart. You all may know them from their separate business ventures – Peace of Mind Management and the Saint John Ale House!

Weve had a lot of questions regarding the building, so I will try my best to clear some things up!

The original idea for the Trinity Center for Business came from Jim English. He had the building renovated and opened the Trinity Center for Business in the fall of 2004. Brice Belyea and his wife Cathy played a large role in creating and designing the space. Greg Murdock was the architect and Mel Lawson was the contractor. For anyone who has seen our building, you know what a magnificent job they did!

The vision was that the center would be a place where small businesses could grow in an environment where resources could be shared and different businesses could lean on each other if necessary. The goal was to allow for small businesses to grow to the point that they would need more space. They would then move on and other new and growing companies would uilitiize the space in the same way. A business incubator.

The center has been evolving ever since, and we continue to see a variety of businesses use the center and the services that we offer in different ways. There is a great atmosphere at the Trinity Center for Business, and each tenant would agree that it is great to feel like we have a large network of employees, even if their company has just one or two people.

Many people have also visited the Trinity Center for Business while under the ownership of Dave Veale. Dave left Trinity to become more primarily focused with his business, Vision Coaching, but still enjoys a beautiful office in the building.

As of April 1, 2010 Jonathan Wilkins and Peter Stoddart took over the Trinity Center for Business. We would like to thank Jim English and Brice Belyea for originally starting this wonderful center that has helped so many businesses.

Please take the time to stop into 107 Charlotte Street for a tour of the facility. I would love to show you around! See our beautiful, well preserved heritage building while you learn about our private offices, virtual offices, work stations, boardroom, and meeting room. You can even enjoy a coffee, on us!

~Brittany Daigle~

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