Dafna is a creative lady with an open studio (Fishy Chores) at 116 Prince William Street. Her work is unique in design and fine in quality. Right now, she makes custom felted and straw hats, embellished with something to suite specifically you. She has a large assortment of colorful socks…we ALL need a pair of them to go with our berks! And, her elegantly painted 'message eggs' are the perfect sentimental gift…she calls them the 20th century twitter. Eggs hold a strip of paper to enscribe a private message and are beautifully painted; either commissioned or you can choose one of the great ones on display.

Let's learn a little more about Dafna…

Where were you born?
This time in a hospital , last time in a meadow , next time in a nest.

Do you have any formal training?
I was taught the RULES the arts in Tel Aviv School Of Art, indoctrinated further more in Vancouver School Of Art, and fortunately was taught how to break them all , in the Banff Centre For The Arts…

What was your breakthrough moment/favourite project?
In my first sculpture course my professor handed me a hammer and suggested firmly to take it to my work..it broke through in more then one way…later when I was teaching I used to show the students the sketched design of that sculpture and ask for their opinions… It was brutal. ..at the end of the class I always confessed that it was my monstrosity and that it lived for a very short time, I was very young.. how I cried..

Where do you work?…and for how long?
I work in my head, at different locations: in bed in the dark, in the water- shower or lake ,till I have it all figured out…I do the final touches at the studio.

What do you like best about uptown Saint John ?
The wind on Germain street.

Who is your favourite musician/artist?
I am not at all monogamous…this week- Sebastien Fleet.

What place on earth inspires you?
Wherever Vegetables and flowers grow..

Secret indulgence?
If I tell, then it would not be a secret, or I could come up with something I want and pretend it was a secret so I will get a whole bunch of it for Christmas.. ok, lets make it Chocolate- dark.

Do you have any pets?
Nachelli, the most wonderful dog in the world, has me as her pet.

What do you like to eat for breakfast?
There is a famous saying- “No man in the world has more courage than the man who can stop after eating one peanut.. “I am not courageous..

What is your favourite drink?
I drink the moment

Spring? Summer? Winter? Fall?
It is not the seasons, it is who accompanies me through them..

Do you have a nickname?
Not yet, maybe when I grow up.

Favourite quote?
“The Avant-garde are people who don't exactly know where they want to go, but are the first to get there”
Romain Gary

Where is your favourite hangout uptown?
The tea room surprise in the Feel Good Store. Surprise, because you never know if you will be in politics up to your elbows or what else…

What book are you reading right now?
Milan Kundera's- Immortality

What is your favourite thing to wear?
My glasses, without them it's all blurred..

Describe yourself in three words.
If, Maybe, Yes.

Be sure to stop in to Dafnas studio, Fishy Chores at 116 Prince William Street. She wears her daily healthy snacks around her neck, and she
certainly adds wonderful character to our uptown!

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