12 Steps To Being A Top Salesperson – for the Stores of Uptown Saint John

1. Maintain a positive attitude towards yourself and your work. When something goes wrong, don't waste time complaining but work towards its correction.

2. Understand a clean and organized store directly correlates to high sales.

3. Approach more customers.

4. Realize that customers are on the defensive. Make a personal remark that demands a positive answer, putting the customer at ease. Never say, Can I help you?

5. Carry a prop when approaching a customer and get away quickly to let the customer browse. Return within a few minutes and continue to build rapport.

6. Ask questions that open windows; rarely ask anything that can be answered with a no.

7. Know the store's stock and don't oversell limited items.

8. Never come out of the stockroom empty-handed. If something is sold out, present something similar.

9. Present additional products and accessories at the close of the sale.

10. Take a deposit to ensure the customer really wants the item.

11. Understand the merchandise: its price points, construction, wear and how it compares to other brands and competitors. Ask about new products before a customer does.

12. Thank customers by name at the time of sale and again with a short note the following day.

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