Fishy Chores is an open studio, a place where all are welcome to watch me at work, shop for things precious or just play dress up.

I get asked so often about the name Fishy Chores has been my studio name for the last 30 years, while I was living in Stratford, Ontario, and referred to me doing something fishy the fish dressed up for swimming was a decoy Stratford was nowhere close to any water or fish, it was more fishy, if you know what I mean. When I hung my sign in Saint John, I realized that it took the twist out , we are a fish community ,and it is wonderful that my fish can actually go for a swim now Are my chores still fishy? That remains to be seen

I work with different materials, they change every few years, some stick or reappear . Hats are at present, so one can adorn ones top with my garden hats -fully in blossom. a few straw hats, but mostly felts . Other findings in the studio are the Biedermeier eggs, a favorite of mine for many years. It is the Twitter of the 18th century- your personal message in a painted eggshell, a tradition that had started 200 years ago in Germany and is kept alive nowadays only by few monasteries and a handful of artists.

There is always on going painting in the studio, some on fabric, some on paper , and if your feet are in need of attention, there are the beautiful Safe Sox, softest woolen socks knitted on a 130 year old sock cranker..

When to come? Any time, I am mostly at the studio daily, except for felting days take a chance naturally , if a hat emergency arises , call me and I will gladly rush in631.0080

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