You may have noticed him gracing the streets of uptown Saint John, meandering and observing…or settled with his laptop into one of his 'office spaces' aka the coffeehouse of choice for the day. Clyde is not only this quiet, mysterious roving writer…he is an accomplished poet, playwright, director and performer.

A little mystery revealed…

Where were you born?

I was born in New York but then you can be born anywhere. I think it's a matter of where one calls home. Home for me is and has been where ever I've moved to for a period of time. I'm very adaptable to any new environment except the tundra and harsh desert.

Where do you work?…and for how long?

I don't think of what I do as work, although it requires a great deal of time and effort. Work in the traditional sense requires one to get up and labour. I get up and fall in love every day. Therefore I'm more than willing to put in the time and the effort.

What was your favourite/most interesting project?

My last project was my favourite that was mounting Lysistrata and The Diary Within My Head at the Imperial Theatre. My most interesting project is the one coming up November 3, 2010 titled
'Excuse Me Lord but I Didnt Hear You,' at the Imperial Theatre. My favourite is behind me my most interesting is in front of me. Isn't that the way it's suppose to be?

What do you like best about uptown Saint John?

I love its walkability. I'd love it even more if King Street were a walking street. Wouldn't that be grand!

Who is your favourite artist/musician??

Would it be cheating if I said my sister, Hattie Winston-Wheeler.

What place on earth inspires you?

This type of question always intrigues me and my answer is always almost the same.
The place that inspires me the most is the place I am, my present! If I'm in the day and not off into tomorrow and or concerned about what has past. The people and place in my present give me much to write and feel about.

Secret indulgence?

Now it wouldn't be a secret if I told, now would it?

Do you have any pets?

I don't think Wally our cat qualifies as a pet. I think he'd resent be called a pet. He's been around longer than Astrid or Shasta my daughters and they're six and two.

What do you like to eat for breakfast?

Most often I don't eat breakfast. However I will over-indulge with coffee. I don't like the feeling of being sluggish in the morning or afternoon. Most often I'll omit lunch, on occasion I'll have soup in the afternoon if I'm really feeling the pangs.

What is your favourite drink?

With or without an umbrella? The darker the thicker the beer the better! But alas, those days are gone and when four pints was just getting started.

Spring? Summer? Winter? Fall?

I don't care what season it is as long as I can open my eyes and place my feet firmly on terra firma. I want to be grateful for every season and for many a reason.

Do you have a nickname?

No, no nicknames that I know of or maybe I do. The one people use behind my back, who knows.

Favourite quote?

What the dead man said when they close the lid. Well I guess that's it”
Which to me, speaks to the fact that I better be getting it all in now. I don't ever want
to hear myself ever saying “I wish I had.”

What is your favourite hangout uptown?

The Magnolia Cafe on Prince William Street

What book are you reading right now?

“Against Forgetting” a anthology edited by Carolyn Forche' a book I've had for a number of years that I never tire of reading. Poets from around the world that don't want the world to forget
the horrors we perpetrate on ourselves. What a wonderful book! Insightful, compassionate and sometimes very hard to read.

What is your favourite thing to wear?

Is that inner or outerwear? Jeans and a large sweater when it's cold, jeans, sandals and a white linen shirt when it's hot.

Describe yourself in three words.

Bold, fearful, determined.

Be sure to get out to Clyde's upcoming production “Excuse Me Lord But I Didn't Hear You”

Playing at the Imperial Theatre

November 3

For information:

Poetry, music and love what else is there?
Oh yes,
Don't forget to dance!!

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