Urban Deli Reinforces Urbanism in Uptown Saint John

Meeting enthusiastic Elizabeth Rowe, Owner of Urban Deli, gives you the feeling that she loves the daily challenges of her new business in Uptown Saint John. Opening July 13, 2009, she has watched
her business evolve, just like a child from infancy, from opening the doors and running it day-to-day. She loves the daily interactions withpeople; clients, suppliers & staff!

Elizabeth and her business partner, Gord Hewitt, purchased their building on 68 King Street East, across from the Brunswick Square area in April 2008. The building is designated Heritage, which means there are guidelines to follow on the exterior; therefore the Urban Deli canopy needed to comply and reflect heritage by including sculpted edging and the new front door had to reflect

Although clients visit from all over New Brunswick, Elizabeth believes that some of the core support comes from Uptown Saint John – it's the 80/20 rule. Elizabeth said it all with this quote: “The name Urban Deli simply fit it all for us: location and style.” Elizabeth has created “a great gem” with fresh unique deli food and creative menus that include a brunch on Saturdays 9-12. Her focus is to
attract and retain customers one at a time.

The Urban Deli specializes in Montreal Style Smoked Meats. Her rye bread and bagels are purchased from Montreal and the Deli mustard is homemade. No processed meats here!

The Urban Deli has a smoker on site and many of our meat products are smoked. Elizabeth enthusiastically says, “Our ribs are fall off the bone.” Elizabeth shares the fact that there is an ever growing demand for appealing to Vegetarians and Vegans and is totally focused on capturing a larger share of that demographic over the next year. “I think that we have one of the best veggie burgers in
the city.” The Urban Deli also caters to Celiacs and now has partnered with The Gluten-Free Menu Company” to retain Gluten-Free breads and desserts.

When you enter the Urban Deli, the environment is very vibrant, lively and fast moving. The color scheme includes original brick walls, hanging light fixtures, black and red colors to create the environment for social gathering and having fun! The background music is from the 60's & 70's because she likes it and “it's music everyone knows and can identify with; the roots to day's

Elizabeth is always giving away samples to her clients to create an interest and loves their feedback…good, bad or indifferent. “It's valuable and it helps us to perfect our products.” It's an open door policy on feedback from her clients & staff. The goal is always to encourage clients to come back and to tell their friends and family about their experience.

She realizes that the Urban Deli is very fortunate to be successful as quickly as it has been…this is due to atmosphere, food, consistency of food, staffing and truly caring about her clients. “Customers can go anywhere to spend their money on food and when they walk through our door, we love it! We never take anything for granted.”

Budgeting is always tight for a start-up business and to date there has been zero dollars budgeted for advertising. In Elizabeth's mind she would rather stand out on the street and give away samples of her
food. “This way potential customer's can see, taste, smell and touch the Urban Deli product. To date, I am not aware of any advertising that can deliver all of these things.”

Her plans for the next year are to focus on retailing some of her products; salad dressings, homemade sausages, smoked products, homemade pastas, her vegetarian items, increase catering and roll-out our online ordering.

Her 3-year plan is to have more equipment for smoking products, more items for retailing (cold & hot smoking). Her 5-year plan is very energizing! She plans to have multiple locations (kiosk in the mall,
retail outlets and/or other Urban Deli's at different locations).

For the technically inclined, the Urban Deli has a website that posts the menus and recipes that she has given to her clients and recipes that her clients have reciprocated back. She has a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Acct:

WEBSITE: http://www.urbandeli.ca

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Saint-John-NB/Urban-Deli/109885939407?ref=ts

TWITTER: http://twitter.com/urbandeli

LINKEDIN: http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/elizabeth-rowe/2/926/bb6

Give Elizabeth Rowe's new business the Urban Deli a try from Monday – Saturday.

Monday – Thursday, 11:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Friday, 11:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Saturday, 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (Brunch from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.)

*** You won't be disappointed with the food, environment or service! ;>))

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