Thoughts on the Old Paramount Theatre

In Montreal, an old Kings Square-style theatre is now the fabulous Club Metropolis. Able to accommodate up to 2300 spectators, the Metropolis has presented the likes of David Bowie, Greenday, The White Stripes, Bjrk, Coldplay and it doubles as a dance club youth magnet.

Of course Saint John is not Montreal and attracting such big name artists would compete with Harbour Station. Thats why this site is actually something between Lees Palace, Torontos premier alternative music venue, and the old Club Flamingo in Halifax which spawned that citys independent music scene in the 80s. What a way to showcase local talent!

I agree our old Paramount could also fill a market niche for a decent repertory theatre and even offer temporary soundstage facilities for movie productions. The location is in the absolute heart of the city near the world-class Imperial and UNBs Grand Hall. It is well-known small clusters of linked businesses generate commercial synergies and strengths that achieve a global presence even when geographically distant from major world markets. Its a great opportunity for an entrepreneur or developer. The show must go on!

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