FabyArt is a collection of hand painted Art by Fabiola Martinez Rodriguez Born 1979 in Queretaro, Mexico she has spent most of her life there. A graduate of the Instituto Tecnologico de Queretaro with dagree in Architecture. Faby is primarily an oil painter and is very constant with her use of color and her extraordinary imagination. She now resides in Saint John New Brunswick with her husband and is a full time painter and motner.

” I feel painting is much the same as a piece of music. Each stroke of the brush is like the wave of a conductor's wand changing the direction of the tempo of melody shaping and moulding every single detail.”

I continnue to paint my own ideas and find that I grow and move in different directions each work that I create I think diversity is a rare thing to see but it shows a persons strength and adaptability. It is a wonderful characteristic and keeps us humble.

“Come and see my display every Saturday at the Saint John City Market”

fabyart@live.ca , 506 651 5518, Saint John N.B. Canada

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