Driving Sales by Focusing on the Basics. May 25, 2010 8am-11am, Delta Brunswick

In this 3 hour workshop Barbara Crowhurst North Americas #1 Retail Business Coach will go back to the basics. Teaching The 4 Basic Strategies that Drive Retail Sales:

1. Effective Marketing.

At the core of this basics strategy is bringing new customers into your store and increasing the number of times existing customers come thru your doorway. Key points Barbara covers: defining your market
place, what is your potential customer base, knowing who your competition is, using technology effectively, is
the new social media for you, your website, your customer data base, todays traditional advertising costs and
are they effective, using a POS system, creating a promotional calendar, how to use it and best practices.

2. Well Trained Employees.

At the core of this basics strategy: Barbara covers, hiring the right attributes, why job
descriptions are important, how to keep great staff, what type of staff training is essential, managing your
staff for best results.

3. Updated Store Design and Product Placement.

At the core of this basics strategy: Barbara covers what makes
good retail store design and why placing products in her retail grid system keep customers in your store longer
and buying more.

4. Strong in Store Sales Focus.

At the core of this strategy: Barbara covers your role in the performance of your
sales staff, increasing the average sale, what an add on sale program is, why its important to you and how it
effects your yearly sales targets.

Learn how these strategies come together to drive your sales. If you only go to one session this year to upgrade your retail knowledge this is the one.

Uptown Saint John Inc. is pleased to offer this seminar to uptown businesses at a special rate of $39.99, or $29.99 if 3 or more from the same business attend.

For more information or to register, please contact Tracy at Uptown Saint John. or 633.8628

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