Nurse's Week May 10th

Nurse's are a wonderful group of people. Anyone who has ever had to be in the hospital knows that they care about their profession and the people they look after. When we are very ill we sometimes do not feel that we are getting the care we would like, but once you get better you realize that you most likely gave the nurses' a harder time then they deserved, but they kept looking after you no matter how miserable you may have been. Something like a lion with a thorn in your toe 🙂

Now is your chance to say Thank You for putting up with all my demands while I was sick, thank you for being their to hold my hand or help me move or listen to my cries. Thank you for being an angel. Send them a tasty treat from Wicked Good Treats in Market Square. We have personalized items from $1.50 and up or a lovely creation filled with chocolate and candy. We deliver.

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