Traffic Solutions for when the Harbour Bridge is down!

Share your ride!

Help thin traffic for when the Harbour Bridge is reduced to one lane! Here are some tips to help motorists reduce traffic and create a sustainable system.

  • Bike (active transportation)
  • Parcobus In-City Park and Ride

“Next Thursday is Earth Day and just in time for that, the official launch of Parcobus In-City Park and Ride will be held Monday at 10am at the Lorneville Parcobus parking site in the Spruce Lake Industrial Park.

Other In-City Park and Ride routes are Latimore Lake and Golden Grove, and a parking site also serves Loch Lomond.


Making use of transit from these parking sites or using them for ridesharing will reduce the number of cars into the Uptown and across the Harbour and Reversing Falls bridges.”

  • Buy bus passes or tokens for your employees (check on reduced rates for businesses!)
  • Encourage employers to use staggered work hours to decrease traffic congestion so everyone's not getting off work at the same time.

Staggered work hours

” Many cities work with their employers to facilitate staggered work hours so that peak traffic is spread out over a longer period, allowing both roads and transit to accommodate a larger number of commuters without radically increased cost (increased costs would of course mean higher taxes).

In Saint John peak times are short and relatively minor changes could have a large improvement effect.

While there can be situations where there can be issues, studies have shown that allowing more flexible work hours doesnt have a negative effect on most businesses. And in numerous cases this is a serious work environment improvement that actually increases overall productivity.”

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