You may know him as our very own Saint John Idol; or as one of many many zany on-stage characters; or as the singing Java Moose guy…but Steven Smith is wayyyy more than that. Let's find out a little more…

Where were you born?
The now demolished general hospital.

Do you have any formal training?
Nope! I sing in the shower, I write in my journal, and my first painting I did was by accident. I left a board out in the rain and it ended up looking pretty interesting.

What was your breakthrough moment/favourite performance?
My favourite moment on stage was singing “Hallelujah” at Saint John Idol. My favourite writing was a journal entry from last year in Italy when I had to finally tear myself away and move on to another desitination.

Where do you work?…and for how long?
i work at Java Moose, serving the best coffee on the planet! And i work at the Ale House, working with the best people on the planet and serving up good quality food and a good time.

What do you like best about uptown Saint John?
I like the familairty of it, how every time I go for a walk I know someone. It's comforting.

Who is your favourite musician/artist?
I really enjoy foreign music, mainly becasue I am forced to listen to it becasue I can't sing along with it.

What place on earth inspires you?
hmmmm. way too many. New Orleans inspires me to be a free spirit, Florence inspires me to look at details in everyday life, and Nothern British Columbia inspires me to recognize how incredibaly small I am.

Secret indulgence?
Sitting on my kitchen counter, eating cookies, and not wiping up the crumbs.

Do you have any pets?
Yup! a six pound terror named Leopold.

What is your favourite drink?
Oh my. anything with vodka in it… right now I am prety hooked to the espresso martini.

Spring? Summer? Winter? Fall?
Spring. It's the time I like to get away.

Do you have a nickname?
Super Steve…. because I am so darn super?

Favourite quote?
“Accept me for what I am, because I am accepting you”

What is your favourite hangout uptown?
I love our second hand bookshops. Nobody wants to talk to you in a bookshop, so its a good place to be in public but still find solace.

What book are you reading right now?
“And then there was one” by Agatha Christie.

What is your favourite thing to wear?
My underwear. We should all get rid of everything else.

Describe yourself in three words.
Hard to describe 🙂

…and by the way…Where is he???

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