We join Boilerworks in welcoming Chef Danny a Graduate of the famed Culinary Institute of America in New York and living here in Saint John, N.B. his hometown. Since graduating in 1992 Chef Danny has worked in various Countries and places. He has travelled the world extensively, fine tuning his skills in many cuisines while connecting with some of the world's most accomplished Chefs. His culinary journey has been nothing short of spectacular!!

He has worked Internationally in the following locations Asia, Caribbean, United States, Europe, South America (Brazil) and Canada. His travels have educated him on the cultures of all the types of cuisines you can't possibly imagine.

Chef Danny is excited and pleased to be back home to Saint John and cannot wait to start to entertain and delight your palette at Boilerworks!

Ask about our Taste of Brazil A La Carte Menu.

Also Chef Danny brings many years of experience for his Catering Career and is back in business taking on all challenges for any type of Catering need from small 2 ppl. to large 4000 ppl across Atlantic Canada and more. His Catering experience throughout his life is over 20 years plus! So think of Boilerworks and Chef Danny for your next adventure and you will be sure to be pleased with his exquisite cuisine and pres
entation of food, after all we do eat with our eyes first!

Welcome home Danny, and we will definately be looking forward to your extra special touch on our plates when we dine at Boilerworks!

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