CONFUCIUS CULTURAL EXCHANGE LTD. is the first Chinese Culture Exchange Corporation in New Brunswick and it is located in Saint John now.

The company provides Chinese cultural related services. They have a Chinese Art Gallery and offer Chinese language services, tourism information service and China related business research. The company can help people find their right manufacturers, suppliers and partners in China to save their cost and decrease risk. If anyone who are interested in Chinese culture, looking for going travelling or even doing business in China, they can come and get help.

Detailed Info
Our mission of the corporation is to bridging the Canada to China. We want to promote the Chinese Culture not only in the Chinese community but mainly in the Local community. We would take it as our task to let more people know Chinese culture and promote a win-win situation both for Canadian market and Chinese market.

Chinese Arts Gallery includes Watercolour paintings, Handcrafts which include Silk Embroidery, Cloisonn, Sculpture, Porcelain, Lantern, Fan and Paper cut etc. Buddhist Incense, Shield, and Decoration Light…

72 Germain Street, Saint John, NB, E2L 2E7 (Beside CIBC Bank, On the Opposite of Saint John Enterprise in uptown)

Founders and Background
The company is funded by Hui (James) Chen and Jirong (Jerom) Yu who are both MBA students from UNBSJ. They graduated in the end of October, 2009. They lived in Saint John for two and a half years and they find Saint John is a lovely city which has nice people and a lot of opportunities. This year end, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper reached an agreement with Chinese government for China opens travelling market to Canada. This is a developing market for both Canada and China. It may create a good chance for a business that can provide such services can both benefit two markets. They finally take a brave move to begin a business here and practise what they have learnt from the MBA class in the North American business environment.

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