Sarah Jones . Uptown Saint John Artist of the Week . February 1-5

Check out Sarah and her exceptional work at her website: Now for some fun… Question: What is the most interesting place you've ever been? Sarah's Answer: Naples. I feared for my life after being barricaded in a train station as a gang of rebel youths had a knife fight outside. Wild. Question: What is your favourite thing to wear? Sarah's Answer: My scooter helmet. It's red. I love it. Sad but true. Question: Do you have any pets? Sarah's Answer: A neurotic, blind springer spaniel called Ivy. Question: Do you play any musical instruments? Sarah's Answer: I play some mean piano. I once had grand visions of going to Julliard's, hah. Question: What is your favourite drink? Sarah's Answer: Wine, wine, wine. And especially if I can make my brother pay for it. Thanks Sarah, you certainly are a gem! Your talent is outstanding and Saint John sparkles more because of you!

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