BIA Board Members


Scott Crowell – President, Chair of Executive Committee
Scott represents Grant Thornton as an experienced tax professional with a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus on accounting. Scott is one of our newest members of the board joining in June 2018. When asked what he loves about Uptown Saint John, Scott stated that it was hard to choose, but overall he loves the architecture and the people who provide our city, community, and province with a constant reminder of our culture and identity.

Nancy Tissington – Executive Director (Staff – Uptown SJ)
Nancy is the Executive Director at Uptown Saint John. Nancy has been with the business improvement association since the Fall of 2014. When asked what she loves about Uptown Saint John, Nancy expressed her love for the walkability and the fact that Uptown Saint John is nestled next to the Bay of Fundy.

Steven Peever – Treasurer, Chair of Finance Committee
Steven represents TD Commercial Banking as an Account Manager covering the Saint John region. Steven is one of this year’s newest members of the Uptown Saint John board, joining in April of 2019. When asked what he loves about Uptown Saint John, Steven said it’s the community, history, events, and amazing restaurants & bars. There is always something to do in Uptown Saint John.

Jeniffer Bissett – Director of Sales and Marketing at Hilton Saint John and Saint John Trade & Convention Centre.

Shawn Verner – Restaurant owner Cask and Kettle Irish Gastropub

Krista Wetmore – Director
Krista represents IG Wealth Management, joining in April of 2019.  When asked what she loves about Uptown Saint John, Krista expressed her love for the best-in-class restaurants, shops, entertainment, historical sites, and ease of access to outdoor walking trails and the bay.  #SaintAwesome is the best city in Canada.

Nick Crozier – Operations Manager (Staff – Uptown SJ)

Brendan Bates – Director, Chair of Urban Design and Development Committee
As a Partner at TOSS Solutions, Brendan provides a logical and strategic understanding of projects, design, and business solutions. Maintaining an intellectual approach to deliverables that positively influence corporate work environments to achieve their financial objectives. With extensive experience in public and commercial architectural projects supporting multiple international practices, Brendan has equipped himself with the experience and leadership skills to direct diverse teams through complex construction projects and business challenges.

Stephanie Turner – Director
Stephanie represents Brunswick Brokers Limited. Stephanie has worked as a commercial real estate agent in Saint John for close to 15 years and during that time has been active in the leasing and sales of many of our beautiful uptown buildings. Stephanie understands many of the challenges faced by uptown businesses and commercial landlords and helps bring those voices to the table.

John C. Gillis – Director, Chair of Advocacy Committee
John is both a lawyer and manager of Gilbert McGloan Gillis. He has an extensive background residing on many committees both past and present, such as Chairperson and Member of the New Brunswick Wildlife Council and a member of the Saint John Substandard Properties Appeal Committee. John is one of our newest members joining in April 2018. When asked what he loves about Uptown Saint John, he said he loves it for its mix of both small and big-city benefits. “In terms of small city benefits, everything is within easy walking distance and everyone is friendly and personable. We also enjoy the big city benefits of a wide variety of services along with great dining and entertainment options. The unique balance gives me the opportunity to service clients from around the world while maintaining an unparalleled quality of life.”

Donna Reardon – Director and City of Saint John Representative
Donna and her husband represent 122-144 Prince William Street, a renovated building containing commercial and residential units. Donna has been a member of the Uptown Saint John board for 8-10 years. Being both a resident and business owner in the Uptown Urban Core, Donna expressed her love for many aspects of Uptown Saint John. Donna loves the walkability, the design, and the ability to get to know your neighbors.

Craig Wilkins – Director
Craig represents Delta Hotels by Marriott Saint John along with Brunswick Square Shopping Center. Craig is one of this year’s newest members of the Uptown Saint John board, joining in April of 2017. When asked what he loves about Uptown Saint John, Craig stated that his list could go on and on. Craig expressed love for how incredibly kind the people are, the history that is evident when walking the streets, and the ability to experience 85 different restaurants or bars within a 4 block radius.

Trish Hamilton – Marketing & Communications Manager (Staff – Uptown SJ)
Trish joins the Uptown family after a career in broadcasting that spanned almost three decades. In February 2020, a career change led her to pursue a certificate in Digital Marketing at York University. Trish is extremely enthusiastic about her new role and looks forward to serving all members of the BIA!

Allie Ruigrok – Senior Project Manager (Staff – Uptown SJ)
Allie looks after special projects and graphic design at Uptown Saint John, after 5 years as a summer student. When asked what she loves about Uptown Saint John, Allie said that she loves watching Uptown change and thrive year after year. It’s been a pleasure to grow with Uptown.