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We’re Here for Our Members


Uptown Saint John, under the management of a skilled and experienced Board of Directors, has an ever-changing mandate focused on initiatives specific to the needs of our membership.

We take great pride in our partnerships with the Lunch Connection through Chop Chop restaurant week, and the Meter for Change initiative, among others.

We work to enhance the foundation of the community we serve.


Uptown Saint John lies in the heart of our charming and historic city. Efforts to beautify happen twelve months of the year with, for example, the purchase of trees, tulips, wildflowers and more to adorn the many flowerbeds peppered throughout the Uptown core.

We make every effort to bring colour and vibrance to the streets of Uptown Saint John through holiday lighting, facade grants, creative banners, year-round tree illumination, and initiatives in cooperation with our member businesses.

Clean & Safe Streets

Neat, clean and sanitary. That is how we believe our city should feel, always. Uptown Saint John employs a two-person “Clean Crew” that moves throughout the city to paint, weed, sweep and remove debris, graffiti and more.

Your BIA is proud to have purchased an all-terrain litter vacuum to assist with the safe removal of the finer bits of litter and debris on our city sidewalks.

Our Clean Crew goes above and beyond with the pressure washing of sidewalks, bus stop terminals, and stocking doggie waste bag dispensers for our pet loving residents.


Our marketing initiatives help to showcase the best of what Uptown Saint John has to offer for dining, shopping and services. Our recurring initiatives include:

Uptown Saint John Gift Card
Uptown Advantage Card
Let's Meet Uptown video series
Uptown in Your Town Delivery Service
The Uptown Holiday Wishbook


Uptown Saint John facilitates a number of exciting initiatives for not just our members, but the patrons they serve. Our signature events include:

Uptown Sparkles
Chop Chop Restaurant Week
Shop the Block
Burger Week
Inside Uptown Residential Tour
Crosby’s Gingerbread Trail One Hour Free with the HotSpot App And more


Rich in both history and architecture, Saint John is one of the most breathtaking cities on the East Coast. There is little question why entrepreneurs choose to make the Uptown core their place of business.

Uptown Saint John is committed to helping these businesses develop and improve their storefronts through grant programs, wayfinding and gateway signage, and creative placemaking projects that are safe, welcoming and inclusive.