Recap and Winners of the 2016 Saint John Santa Claus Parade

Congratulations to the winning entries, and all who participated in our 64th Annual Saint John Santa Claus Parade.  Mark your calendars for next year – November 18, 2017!




Best in Parade – Saint John SPCA

Best Commercial Entry –        Saint John Energy


Best School –   St. Malachy’s High School



Best Cheerleaders –    Simonds High School Cheerleaders


Best Band –     Air Cadets


Best Community Group –        Saint John Cycling


Chairman’s Choice –    Simond’s High School


Honourable Mention:

Irving Oil Limited

Stella Maris Church

Local 18 Food Bank

St. Patrick’s School


Judging committee:

Norman Jackson, Chairman

April DeWolfe

Bill Thompson

Theo Gagnon

Angela Jackson



Uptown Saint John Business Improvement Assoc.

Ready Rentals

Rogers TV

Saint John City Police

City of Saint John

Saint John City Transit

Saint John Fire Fighters Local 771

SJ Salvage Corps & Fire & Police


Thank you to all who came out and enjoyed the 64th Annual Saint John Santa Claus Parade!

Yuk Yuk’s, We Are So Happy To Have You! Welcome to Saint John!

Yuk Yuk’s, Canada’s National Stand-Up Comedy Club now has a home in Saint John.  We are on the map for comedy and you can come out to enjoy it every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night in Uptown Saint John.

Steve Barnes, owner of the club, has pulled out all stops in creating the mother of unique and comfortable spaces for comedians to show off their stuff.  Yuk Yuk’s is high calibre and we are thrilled to now have it in our neighbourhood.

Cozy atmosphere, a fully stocked bar, and an impressive green room for the comedians, all lend to a enormity of fun to be had right here in this corner of Saint John.

To find out about the shows, go to and click, you guessed it, ‘Saint John.’  See you there!






Something VERY cool – the walls in the green room have just started to fill with comedians signatures.  Who knows who we may be entertaining, while they are entertaining us!
Welcome to Uptown, Steve, and Yuk Yuk’s!

Find Yuk Yuk’s at 32 Grannan Street
Phone  658.2568
Find Yuk Yuk’s on FACEBOOK

On and Off Court Celebrates 30 Years Uptown!

Tucked into a quaint and cozy upper floor space at 49 Canterbury Street is a perhaps unlikely (but equally perfect) presence, the pro Racquet Sports Store, On and Off Court.  In this time of big box and sometimes ‘one size fits all’ stores, we have this unique, independent business that carries a wide selection of high quality products suitable for all player levels.  On and Off Court extends one-on-one service and a well rounded inventory of supplies for the racquet sport enthusiast.


Opening their doors uptown on April 15th, 1987, On and Off Court are about to celebrate 30 years uptown.  You don’t get that many years under your belt without superior product and service.  We tip our hats to Sue and her network of support for doing what she does well and adding this special flavour to our diverse landscape uptown!

Find Sue and On and Off Court at 49 Canterbury Street.  506.632.6005, or on Facebook.











Congratulations on 30 years, and here’s to at least 30 more!

Uptown Mugs #61 . Patricia Gallagher



Patricia is a lady who seems to be everywhere and involved with everything.  From retail, events and fundraisers, the Arts & Culture scene, to owning and operating one of our city’s best AirBnB’s at One Princess, she is definitely one of the people who help put us on the map!  We are happy to show off this important lady and the corner of the city she calls home.

Let’s chat with Patricia..


Where were you born/Where are you from?

Born in Montreal, raised in beautiful Burlington Ontario.  I came to the Saint John area 16 years ago to set-up call centers in the region!  I loved it so much I decided to stay… It was such a wonderful pace and way of life and a perfect place to raise my daughter.


How long have you been a part of the uptown scene? 

Three years ago we moved from the Valley to Uptown Saint John to follow our dream of having a home and small business all in the same place.  I have always dreamed of owning a BnB and OnePrincess has allowed me to do that! We have been loving every minute of life uptown! In the short time we have been here we have seen the entertainment and restaurant scene explode. It’s an amazing time to be part of such a positive trend, there is definitely excitement in the air and we look forward to more of our friends joining us uptown!


Name one or two people who you find your design inspiration? 

It’s not hard to be charmed and motivated by those who have gone before me, spending time with friends In their beautifully curated uptown homes has been inspiring in itself! The art housed in these beautiful century homes is swoon worthy alone, not to mention the beautiful laid out parlours and 14 foot ceiling! And no one is afraid to play with colour, it’s fantastic! I also read every home decor magazine in print and am constantly inspired by the way the designers can leverage the beauty of our surroundings to create an atmosphere of beauty, comfort and relaxation in our home.  I’m absolutely consumed with it and enjoy sharing the charm of our historic building with guests and visitors. To have two suites to furnish and decorate has been thrilling, they are both very different but both are equally loved by guests.. I’m already dreaming of their makeovers!


What is your favorite season?

I love them all, but summer is my favorite time of the year.  It is our busiest season with Cruise Ship Passengers in the Shop and AirBnB guests in our suites.  Although this keeps us hopping we still find time to relax on the balcony overlooking the beautiful Harbourfront and steal away to our RV Seasonal Site at Rockwood Park complete with our own “She-Shed”. There is nothing like a dip in Lily Lake, followed by a BBQ and Bonfire on a hot summer’s night.



What is your ultimate favorite snack food?

Poutine! Just ask any uptown restaurant that we frequent! It’s a problem. I’m currently on the hunt for truffle fries if you happen to know anyone who’s dabbling in them! I’m definitely a carbavour, and prefer savoury snacks to sweet.


Coffee, tea, or other?

I do love a good Manhattan!


Any pets?

Oh yes, Mr Buddy and Ms Sugar, two of the most adorable and best dressed minituare blond poodles uptown they even have there own #hashtag They are king and queen on the castle at One Princess!


Most guilty pleasure? 

Pouring through my decor magazines on Sunday morning with coffee and Baileys overlooking the ocean! Honestly I have 6-8 magazines on the go at any time!


What is your worst habit?

Leaving the kitchen cupboard doors open…


Favorite Musician?

STING had got to be my favorite musician of all time, without a doubt! But my favorite Canadian songstress is the beautiful and uber talented Jann Arden her songs all tell a story and touch my heart, every single one of them and she is a wonderful human!


What is your Uptown Insider Tip?

One of my favorite parts about hosting out of town guests is being able to provide them with so much variety in the restaurant/bar scene.  We keep an ever changing list of our favorite go to spots in each genre of cuisine and restaurant style! Its really very impressive! I have yet to have a guest who is craving something delightful and not be able to point them in the perfect direction to exceed their expectation! How lucky are we that our dining repertoire is so diverse! Now I’m hungry!



Find Patricia and One Princess, AirBnB
On the street:  1 Princess Street
Online:  One Princess Air BnB
Facebook:  One Princess
Twitter:  @OnePrincessSJ
Instagram:  oneprincess_shopstayplay

ICS Creative Agency and Uptown Saint John win MARCOM award for website!

We are thrilled to announce that Uptown Saint John Inc. is the co-recipient (along with builder, ICS Creative Agency) of the Platinum Award, presented by The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP).


Uptown Saint John Inc. is Saint John’s Business Improvement Association, representing over 600 businesses and property owners in the uptown core.  In keeping current, social media is one of our integral forms of communication to members and the public.  A state of the art, cutting edge website, adequately representing our unique uptown in look and feel is of utmost importance and we launched a brand new website of this nature a few months ago.

We enlisted the expertise of one of our epic website building companies uptown, ICS Creative Agency, who worked diligently with Uptown Saint John Inc. staff and board/committee volunteers to create a user-friendly, attractive website.  Our Marketing and Events Committee, chaired by Mark Bujold, was elemental in providing pertinent direction.  We are also happy and very fortunate to take advantage of the many uptown talented visual artists, such as Rod Stears Photography, who produced the video on the landing page.


Today, we are happy to share this honour of this award with ICS Creative Agency, and trust that all who use our website will find it a pleasure, and a regular, useful tool in keeping up with what’s happening Uptown.

(Pictured in photo above; Nancy Tissington – Executive Director, USJI, Cathy Hutchinson – Board of Directors, USJI, Morgan Lanigan – President, USJI, Jacques Desjardins – ICS, Cait Milberry – ICS, Brendan Betts – ICS



Thank you so much for following along on my Christmas Shopping adventures in Uptown Saint John.

As you know – the whole reason I used to do this (and asked Uptown Saint John if I could do it again) was to promote shopping in our Uptown core. I started #30in30 in 2011. The purpose of the giveaways wasn’t for free stuff (although that was a huge bonus), it was to draw attention to the quality items available for purchase a short drive from our homes.

Brand names, beautiful art, curated items – all from local business owners.

It’s great, right?

With Christmas Eve TOMORROW (AAHHHH!!), I wanted to share with your my very favourite way to chill out during this hectic month.


For the fifth year, Picaroons Traditional Ales has brought back the 12 Beers of Christmas. They started December 12th and for 12 days, Picaroons has tapped a 360 litre batch of a one-time only brew.

It used to be that only Fredericton residents would be in luck – but since Picaroons opened in the car-park on Canterbury Street, Saint Johners don’t need to make the snowy drive up Route 7 for their 1.89 L growler.

Long story short – your next beer will be on me. It won’t be a Christmas Brew – but I wanted to remind you of you last chance to fill up – TODAY – on the 12 Beers of Christmas.

Enter below for a a gift certificate for a Growler and a fill-up** – my absolute favourite way to chill.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

See you next year!

**The Fine Print – you must be 19 years or older and live in the City. This giveaway isn’t sponsored by Picaroons

#30IN30 – DAY #29 – Element5

I can not even believe that Christmas is THIS WEEKEND.

If you’re like me – you might be getting a little stressed … with respect to your holiday preparations… but don’t fret.

(whoops – definitely spent all month buying art and things for myself while visiting #30in30 shops and stores)

Element5 offers an amazing menu of spa services ranging from facials to hair services to makeup application to wraps and scrubs.

I’ve already made my post-Christmas and pre-New Years appointment for a manicure… (and I’m considering adding massage!).

Take a peek at the menu of services offered and let me know in the comments what you’re craving for your post-Christmas relaxation! (and what chakra you might need right about now).

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I have been obsessed with this product since Kathryn told me about it…

chakra1 – grounded, chakra2 – nourished, chakra3 – intention, chakra4 – harmony, chakra5 – expressive, chakra6 – insight, chakra7 – wisdom

Today I think I might need a session with intention … and insight.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

In the meantime, Element5 has offered an amazing giveaway – a 60 minute massage with Andrea!

Enter below & Merry Christmas!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

See you tomorrow!

SPA – 60min Massage with Andrea

#30IN30 – DAY #28 – Yuk Yuks

Over the past two years, Comedy in Saint John has become a staple in our extracurricular activities.

What are you doing this weekend? Probably heading out to a Shane Ogden event, a Mark Burnett event, an Improv show at the theatre company, No Jokes Barred with Jon forward … or any other gig that James Mullinger might be billed to.

Steven Barnes announced earlier this year that Yuk Yuks would be coming to Saint John and opening in the Bustin’s Building off Grannan Lane. Cue the excitement.

The 225 seat venue is opening in the basement level of the Bustin’s Building. It will be accessible off of Grannan Lane and – get this – from both Italian by Night and Five & Dime.

Opening weekend has been announced as January 19th to 21st with non other than headliner James Mullinger!

Tickets are available here and are selling fast!

Of course – Steve has offered two tickets* to the show opening weekend for #30in30 followers. Seems like a sweet VIP experience to me!

*The fine print – the shows are uncensored and 19+ so keep that in mind when entering below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

See you tomorrow! 2 left!