Uptown Mug #75 . Suzanne Tucker

Suzanne Tucker is a trailblazer in life and a bundle of positive, creative energy and unmatched attitude.  Suzanne is the owner of Fundy Bay Organics, recently relocated to 38 Water Street, as well as a professor at UNB, a Director and Chair of the Finance Committee at Uptown Saint John, Inc., a biker, an uptown enthusiast and a role model and inspiration to many.  Suzanne clearly has a huge appreciation for health and well being, as well as a responsibility and care for our environment, demonstrated in her high quality products.  The personal care products she sells at Fundy Bay Organics are largely organic, GMO free, and lavish and lush in the ‘indulge yourself’ department.

Suzanne and Fundy Bay Organics compliment our uptown and we love her energy as she digs in and does things, because she can!

Let’s get to know Suzanne:


Where were you born/Where are you from? 

I was born and raised in Newfoundland.  Yes b’ye.


How long have you been a part of the uptown scene? 

We have been part of the Uptown scene as business owners for just over a year, but we have lived in the Uptown since 2005.


What is your favorite season, and why?     

My favourite season is summer – I am a sunflower, not a snowflake.  Love summer because all my favourite activities are summer in nature (golf, walks in the park, motorcycling, drinking on the Boardwalk…)


Most guilty pleasure?      

Most guilty pleasure – french fries.  I love french fries.



What is your Uptown Insider Tip? 

Lemongrass has the best pad thai I have ever eaten. 



Find Suzanne and Fundy Bay Organics:

On the street – 38 Water Street

Facebook – Fundy Bay Organics

Online – fundybayorganics.com

Twitter – @fundybayorganic

Instagram – @fundybay_organics

Pronto, An American IT Company, working here in Uptown Saint John is expanding!

CTO, Elad and his team (pictured above) enjoy a comfortable, bright and functional workspace here in Uptown Saint John.

Pronto is a technology company which provides no-hassle organization of your building and repairs project through their handy and easy to use app.  Though this app isn’t available in Canada yet, their idea is hot, and is proving so popular they are expanding and plan to hire approximately 20 more staff in the near future.  New Brunswick, and we here in Uptown Saint John are fortunate to house this innovative company and include them in our thriving uptown IT sector.  Pronto, we applaud you!  Thanks for your smarts and energy and putting us on the map in this way!

Urban space and functional IT infrastructure lend to a wonderful working environment on Canterbury Street.

Uptown Mug #74 . Sgt. David Hartley-Brown and Cst. Duane Squires

We love our uptown boys in blue, Sgt David Hartley-Brown and Cst Duane Squires.  These two gents can often be seen out and about our uptown core, protecting and serving.  Whether it be on 4 wheels, 2 wheels, or beating the street by feet, Sgt David and Cst Duane have become familiar faces and we appreciate their presence always, assuring our safety and keeping things in line where and when needed.


So, let’s get some inside info on these two gents..


Where were you born/Where are you from? 

(Duane)  I was born in St. John’s Newfoundland and grew up just outside in Mount Pearl. I graduated from the Atlantic Police Academy PEI in 2006 and Saint John has been my home ever since. When I first moved to SJ I lived lower west, then Forest Hills and last year moved to Millidgeville.

(David) I was born in Saint John, NB.


How long have you been a part of the uptown scene? 

(Duane)  I’ve worked uptown uniform patrol with SJPF for 9 years, This past January I had the opportunity to join our Community Response Unit in the Waterloo Village / Uptown Area. The more time I spend uptown walking the beat, riding the bike and just meeting the people, the more I like it.

(David) I’ve been working in the uptown for 35 years.


Name one or two people who you look to for inspiration?

(David)  There are too many to name, just anyone who shares a passion to make a positive change in our community, province , country, world!


What is your ultimate favorite snack food? 

(Duane)  Of course as a Police Officer most of you would think I would say donuts and who doesn’t like donuts right? But I would have say chips are a weakness (Lays Ketchup & Doritos Intense Pickle)


Do you have any pets?

(Duane) I have a seven year old Golden Retriever named Bella. 
What is your most guilty pleasure? 

(Duane) I have to admit…. I binge watch Netflix

(David) JU JUBES from the Bulk Barn before I go see a movie.



What is your Uptown Insider Tip?

(Duane)  Uptown is unique! In the nice weather was have a beautiful Harbour Passage, in winter the pedway which is amazing because you can travel quite a distance without having to go outside in the weather. But if people ask about food I send them to Churchills and recommend the char crust!

(David)  That’s easy, Freak Lunchbox!! lol.


Sgt David and Cst Duane would like to emphasize that if any citizen sees something of a concerning matter, to contact the Saint John City Police non-emergency number, 648.3333.  If an emergency, call 911.

New Gateway Signs Welcome Folks Uptown

New ‘Welcome . Bienvenue’ signs now greet those entering the ‘Uptown’ of our city, compliments of your Business Improvement Association, Uptown Saint John Inc.

Three custom made gateway signs, crafted locally, show off the new ‘Love Life Uptown’ branding so popular with those who frequent uptown.  The signs are installed at three entry points to the uptown peninsula; the corner of Main St. and Union St., Somerset Street, and Crown Street.  The Uptown Saint John Urban Design & Development Committee lead this vision, including consultation with Saint John Energy, The City of Saint John, and various other stakeholders – always keeping in mind and the importance in staying consistent with the existing Neighbourhood Plan.

‘Our uptown core is alive and thriving, and we have a different look and feel, as urban centres do,’ said Nancy Tissington, Executive Director with Uptown Saint John Inc.  ‘We thought it important to not only welcome people to our community and home, but also to frame the boundaries with these ‘place making’ signs.’

Also of note, the first installation of our newly branded light-post banners are now installed.  Modern, with a slight gritty edge, the message is to “Love Life Uptown,” whether it be while living, working, shopping, playing, or enjoying from afar – it encompasses the overall feeling that this population is embracing and truly loving our uptown core.  Love of place is undeniable, and we are happy to support it in this visual way.

Watch for these banners and the new gateway signs, and feel pride with us as a community!

Executive Director, Nancy Tissington, with new gateway sign on Somerset Street.

Uptown Mug #73 . Betty MacMillan

Saint John wouldn’t be Saint John with out Betty MacMillan.  Betty is the Manager of Cruise Development for the Port of Saint John, and she is a rock star for sure.  Integral from the very beginning in bringing cruise ships to our city, Betty was one of the key players involved in assisting the first ship, seeking refuge from hurricane Gabrielle in 1989, to dock in uptown Saint John.  She has been with the Port for 33 years, to date and has had her hand in bringing 2.5 million cruise passengers to our city, by the end of this cruise season.

It is more than apparent that Betty loves her job and finds it easy to ‘sell’ Saint John and the beautiful Bay of Fundy.  Her beautiful smile and confidence through valuable experience tell it all.


Let’s get to know Betty!


Where were you born/Where are you from? 

I’m a Saint Johnner.. lived here all my life.  I was a Garnett from Garnett Settlement –  one of 5 children.  I’ve travelled extensively but I’m always happy to come home to Saint John.


How long have you been a part of the uptown scene? 

I have worked uptown for over 30 years – actually lived uptown for 8 years back in the 90’s.  I’m thinking it might be time to move back (I live west!).   Always have to be around the beautiful Bay of Fundy!  

Name one or two people who you look to for inspiration? 

I’ve worked hard through my life to surround myself with positive and energetic people –  funny as this may sound, my daughter has been a great inspiration.  She can always find the opportunity – she is always amazing me!    My sons Peter and Dr. Bill are also my rocks… extremely hard working and accomplished and so fun to be around.    They make me so proud!  


What is your favorite season, and why?     

Why cruise season, of course.   I would have to say fall,  not only are the temperatures wonderful and the leaves beautiful – but it is the busy cruise ship season.  I love seeing all of the tourists walking around and enjoying our uptown!   We keep improving with each and every year!  


Coffee, tea, or other? 

Java Moose,  foghorn – Black!   


Any pets? 

I have two cats…  inherited them both.   Louis II was my daughter Cayman Grants, and Zoe was my son Dr. William Huttges.  Definitely never lonely when they are around!  


Most guilty pleasure?      

Bragging about my beautiful grandchildren.  I have 7 now,  I am truly blessed!   Wanna see the pictures?? 😉
Worst habit?   

My desk is a mess… 



What is your Uptown Insider Tip? 

I fell in love with Sean Yoro (Hula)  when he was here –   really love his mural and the wonderful video he put together on Saint John and the Bay of Fundy.    We really have become #Saint Awesome.   I love the hashtag because it stresses that the SAINT is spelled out, and people are really catching on to the hashtag…  we are AWESOME!

I also love Britts Pub + Eatery –  their Huttges Bangers and Mash is to DIE for and their MyJam video’s on Friday evening are so much fun!   Also, Happinez Wine Bar –  and it is conveniently located just below Britts.   😉

Find and follow Betty

Twitter @bemacmillan

Instagram  bettymacmillan


Rogue Coffee, Our Newest Cozy Coffeeshop

So, if you haven’t already heard, uptown Saint John is now home to a pretty incredible little coffeeshop, Rogue Coffee.  Tucked into a quaint little nook off Grannan Alley, Rogue fits like it was meant to be there all along, bringing us specialty coffee in a cozy space.  Time stands seems to still as you sit and sip.

Located at 36 Grannan Street, here you will find solace amid the permeating aromas of all things coffee. The space has been tastefully decorated, keeping the exposed brick and beams and industrial feel with soft touches of wild flower bouquets and a more contemporary coffee bar counter.

The coffee, espresso and various brews are impressive, utilizing the first Mod Bar in Atlantic Canada. Rogue also serves Kombucha on tap, Prosecco on tap, and nitro-infused cold brew.  Watching the baristas prepare your drink is watching an artist, and be sure to grab a handmade treat, freshly made by their neighbours Port City Royal.  Rogue plans to host musicians in the adjoining alley at times, and offer ‘cake and prosecco’ nights as well as various other events for coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

Be sure to stop by and follow them online;

Facebook – Rogue Coffee

Twitter – @RogueCoffeeSJ

Instagram – @roguecoffeesj

And below, presenting the lovely owners; Mike and Vanessa, a dynamic duo – ambitious, charming and fun!   Stop by the coffeeshop to see them for real, and grab a Rogue coffee while you’re there!


Courtyard Concerts Artist Appreciation Night at McGills

As we look back on our uptown summer music series, Courtyard Concerts, we reflect on 28 shows highlighting our superb local musicians.  These free all-ages shows took place in the CenterBeam Courtyard, King’s Square, and the Saint John City Market during July and August.

Last night, Uptown Saint John Inc. hosted an artist appreciation jam at McGill’s, showing our gratitude to the artists and sponsors who helped make this event, once again, super successful.  Thank you to everyone who participated and all who came out to en our talented musicians uptown!  Here’s to a great year, as we look forward to the next.

Below are some photos from last night, as well as a small sampling of photos from the summer months.

Thanks again to our sponsors; 97.3 The Wave, Commercial Properties, and The Saint John City Market.


New To Prince William Street, Refresh Wellness Studio

Uptown is now home to a special oasis on Prince William Street.  Formerly Adica Health Center at 98 Prince William Street, Refresh Wellness Studio is here to help you treat your body well.

Refresh Wellness Studio offers Registered Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Reflexology and various Esthetics Services.  Step into the calm and refresh after a busy day at work at this convenient and welcoming space.

New owner and manager, Leah Ross, invites existing and new clients to stop by and treat yourself to a deserved treat!


Find Refresh Wellness Studio:

On the street:  98 Prince William Street
Phone:  642.9001
Website:  refreshwellnessstudio.com
Facebook:  Refresh Wellness Studio
Instagram:  @RefreshStudioSJ